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The beauty and innocence of a newborn baby is the perfect opportunity for portrait photography.  Smooth skin and smiles to die for.  Children grow up so quickly, so taking regular pictures of your newborn from early days is very important.  We can assist and advise you on what timeline would be best for your baby’s next photography session.

Moms and Dads, please remember that the second child also would like to have 10 000 baby photos.  By capturing these true expressions of your little one, you save a small piece of heaven to look back on once they are all grown up and out of the house … something you’ll keep close to your heart forever – as will your child, and their children as well.

Studio 777 Photography are professional photographers that are highly experienced in dealing with both newborn and very young subjects, so please don’t worry about trying to ‘manage’ or keep your child all calm and relaxed for the ‘perfect’ picture.  True expressions and attitudes are what make a finished set of professional photographs truly expressive of what is individual and unique about your baby.  Each baby photography session is unique in every way.  The experience is always different.  That is what professional photographers aim to capture … your baby’s true ‘magic’.

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Baby photographer Perth : Studio 777 Photography and Video Productions (Studio division)

We are passionate about creating the most remarkable works of ART for you to proudly display as art pieces in your home.  All our photographs are professionally edited.

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