Corporate Video Recording for COFFEY

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After our first call from the Coffey’s team, we were very excited to be part of the 3 day event that was held at the Sheraton Hotel, Perth.
It was great working with the Coffey team.  They are truly professional and know what they are doing.  Even more interesting was being exposed to their field of knowledge.  Getting information that is not available to every one and understanding how a company like Coffey adds value to the community and also the whole of Australia.
The photos, as well as the DVD, came out great.  We had the images published in magazine form within 1 day!  Was amazing to see how quickly the right people made things happen.  The next day, all the delegates received the booklet with the images we shot on the first day of Coffey’s conference.
I have already received a request for a “short film” to be produced for one of our mutual clients.  Looking forward to working with a great team again!
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