Hire a photo booth to capture your 21st Birthday Party

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21st Birthday Party photo booth for hire in PerthHire a photo booth to capture your 21st Birthday Party bucket list

We have created a short bucket list for your 21st birthday and what better way than to capture the realisation of those goals in front of a photo booth.

21st Birthday party photo booth hire

21st Birthday party photo booth hire

How to use a photo booth to immortalise your 21st birthday party bucket list

– use the photo booth to capture your mates singing “Happy Birthday”
– snap yourself getting a piggy back ride
– do the conga in front of the photo booth
– take 21 photos with each of your friends
– get together at the photo booth and sing your favourite karaoke song
– get all of your friends together at the photo booth, you do not know for how long they will still be near enough to get photos of
– strike 21 different poses
– pull 21 different faces
– use the photo booth to maximum capacity – photos of you at your 21st birthday party will be very precious to you in years to come.

Make the hiring of a photo booth a priority when planning a 21st birthday party

21st Birthday Party photo booth hire

21st Birthday Party photo booth hire

Soon you will be working full time, your friends will get married and have children, and they may move away. The photo strips will be a fond memory that you look back on when you go through the scrapbooks on the coffee table. You will never again walk by a hired photo booth without thinking of your 21st birthday celebration. You may even go and have a photo taken in memory of that day.

Sure you will put in a lot of effort into the theme and the catering. There may even be a few memories that are very vague because of the liquid refreshments that were part of the birthday party! That is why hiring a photo booth for your birthday party will be such a good investment. Memories are priceless.

21st Birthday party planning ideas incorporating your photo booth

– Keep finger foods close to the photo booth, while others are snapping away, your guests can fill up on yummy snacks
– Include the photo booth in the theme to ensure that every one is snapped at least once
– Plan and hire a photo booth in advance, they are very popular and you do not want to be caught unprepared
– Hire a photo booth that will suit the venue, open photo booths are usually a good fit to any type and size of venue
– Remember it’s your party, enjoy it, take lots of photos where you are smiling!

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