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Baby photography in perth

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What to expect with your newborn baby photography session in Perth.

What in the world is more precious than the sight of a newborn?  When would you truly realise the true value of your newborn baby photography taken in Perth?  Those eyes closed to the world, the occasional twitch of the mouth that appears to be a grin, tiny fingers moving near the face, serenity and peacefulness – Those first few weeks of life seem to fly by so quickly and you should take the opportunity to capture those moments before they are just a memory.  Not only will you be documenting ‘those early days’, but these images will also become treasured pieces of art to be displayed for loved ones to see.  This is where a newborn baby photography session from Studio 777 in Perth can become priceless.

When should your newborn baby photography session in Perth be scheduled?

It is advisable to schedule this session within 10 days after delivery to ensure the sleepy newborn poses.  Cradle cap or baby acne has not started to develop yet.  It would also be a good idea to arrange circumcision after the session for baby boys and parents of breastfed infants should wait until the mother’s milk comes in so the newborn is not hungry.

How do I prepare for your newborn baby photography session in Perth?

Newborn baby photography in Perth

Newborn baby photography in Perth

When we schedule your newborn baby photography session, we will discuss exactly what you are looking for.  Do you only want photos of the baby?  Do you and the father want to be included in the shots?  Would you like skin on skin photos and would siblings be included?  Answering these questions will help us cater to your needs and give you the results you desire.

It is best to feed and sooth your child to sleep after you have arrived at the studio and you will be afforded privacy and time to do so.  If you feed him/her before you arrive, he/she will start the sleep cycle in the car seat.  It is preferable to do so at the studio to achieve optimum results.

If there is a particular outfit, jewellery pieces, hair-bands or hats you would like your infant to be photographed in please feel free to bring them along.

We look forward to sharing memorable moments with you and your newborn, capturing your newborn baby photographs.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us on 0400 777 979 or write an e-mail to for all your Newborn Baby Photography needs in Perth.

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