Professional photography tips for Real Estate Photography in Perth

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Photography tips for Real Estate Photography in Perth

Appealing photographs of the property you have on the market has become just as important as presenting your house on show day.  Spend the few extra dollars and invest in a professional photographer who knows what they are doing.

Keep in mind that in today’s modern times most potential Buyers first shop online.  Your real estate photos will be the first impression a potential Buyer will have of your house.

I remember when I started looking for our first property in Australia, I searched all the real estate sites online and viewed all their real estate photographers in Perth!  I used most of the popular sites like REALESTATE.  I shopped according to my requirements, but was mostly influenced by what I saw in the property photographs.  The ones where the property photography was poorly done and the photographs looked bad, were some of the first options I crossed off my list.  If the Seller wasn’t prepared to present his property well in real estate photographs, how was he looking after his property?  Skimping on the maintenance of the house?

A few tips for better photographs you can bear in mind when you take this worthwhile investment :

Lesson 101 :  Make sure the property photographs are taken at the correct time of the day.  If you want your house to stand out, pick the time when your house will be well-lit by natural sunlight, or late afternoon / early evening.  Ensure the photographer utilises adequate equipment.  In this line of photography, you need any advantage you can get.  Make sure the photos are good quality and “sharp” and not slightly blurred.  At the risk of sounding boring and technical, the higher your F-Stop is set, the more details it will capture in its dept of field.  Do not take your real estate photographs in midday.  The sun in Perth will be too harsh for your property photographs.  If you decide to photograph it yourself, ensure the house is well-lit with natural or electric light.  The more light you are able to capture, the higher you can set your F-stop.  If you decide to shoot at night time, use a tripod and the timer on your camera.  Even the slight push of the shutter button can cause the camera to shake and blur the photo.

Lesson 102 :  Tidy your home and keep it neat.  Remove toys that are lying in the middle of the room, pack away the dishes and clean the stove’s glass.  There are few things as bad as a stove with prints all over the front of it.  Shoot your photos “clean”.  Don’t have people standing around or a skew towel hanging in the bathroom.  Remove the clothes basket from the bathroom when you take the photos.  Frame it correctly.  Watch yourself for reflection in glass.  No one wants to see the “ghostly image” of the photographer in the sliding door or mirror.  Watch your flash in mirrors and glass.  You can shoot at an angle and you will not reflect.  You can prevent some reflection shots by preferably wearing black, as it does not show up as easy in reflections.

Lesson 103 :  Your real estate pictures must impress potential clients!  Show a huge range of photographs.  You aren’t going to get the potential buyers lining up with just one or two photographs.  Have pictures taken of the main futures interior and external.  It may be worth investing in 20 professionally taken and edited real estate photographs.  We take more than 20 photos.  We select the best images that we expect will assist you in selling your property.

Lesson 104 :  Invest the money.  Yes, invest in a professional photographer that knows what he/she is doing.  It will be worth it.  Real estate photography sells your property faster.  With digital photography being accessible to all, there are many people who think they can take photographs with their $500 camera (not knocking them, but the equipment we use is worth $20 000 to $25 000 and will assist us in getting impressive real estate photographs that will assist you in selling your property.)

A study has found that properties with good photographs outsell and spend less time on the market compared to properties that don’t have online real estate photographs.

Consider the value a professional photographer from Studio 777 Photography will add to your property.

We also create stunning Real Estate Video Productions of your property that we put online on YouTube!  We spend some time in creating a stunning “short documentary real estate video“.

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