Wedding photographer and videographer on Rottnest Island

Wedding photographer and videographer on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island Wedding Videos

While a picture paints a thousand words, a wedding video has the ability to influence your emotions, and bring memories flooding back.

The videographer of Studio 777 becomes an unobtrusive spectator during your wedding day, always in the back ground, witnessing the special synergy between friends, loved ones and lovers.

Our Rottnesst Island Wedding Videos provide glimpses into the preparations for your big moment. We may even catch a glimpse of mother nature celebrating with you, as the ferry trip to the island could showcase nature’s giants leaping from the water in jubilee of life.

Our wedding videos allow the audio and the visual to mix in a story that will have you coming back for more, year after year. We tell the story of the first meeting, the first declaration of love, the special moments, the ‘for your eyes only’ glances and of love unmatched. We take you behind the scenes so you can remember the anticipation, the preparation, and the absolute elatedness of becoming one.

Rottnest Island is ideally suited to our way of storytelling. With its rich military, marine and cultural history we will marry the stories told of yesteryear, with the story of your past and the promise of your future. The Governor’s Cottage and Hotel Rottnest could be the backdrop for your summer wedding, and the vista of Thomson Bay where you walk into your future together.

Every time that we watch one of the wedding videos we shot, we are transported to the time and place as well as the emotion involved in it. We catch ourselves smiling, even tearing, up when we remember the magic of your day. We believe it will have the same effect on you.

Do you want to celebrate your wedding with a memory that will translate you back to a day of wonder and magic? A day vibrating with energy and potential? Then do not forget to book your wedding video package when you consult about wedding photography packages. The synergy between the two is invaluable.

Contact us for the pricing information and availability on our wedding video packages, as well as wedding photography, wedding photo booths and our recently added wedding DJ services.

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