Sittella Winery as wedding venue

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Sittella Winery as wedding venue

Sittella Winery wedding video and photo's

Sittella Winery wedding video and photo’s

The saying, “A little birdie told me,” takes on new meaning when you use Sittella Winery as wedding venue. Sittella is named after the small, native song bird that abounds on the grounds and you should be able to see them when you stroll through the winery, as you have your wedding photos taken.

A winery with an Italian feel

If you want to capture a slightly international feel with your wedding photos, you will not go wrong when you choose Sittella Winery as wedding venue. They are located in the heart of the Swan Valley wine growing region, and has the beautiful Darling Range escarpment as their backdrop.

The buildings remind of the Mediterranean and capture the essence of modern Italy. The panoramic view of the vineyards contributes to making this an ideal wedding venue.

Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley

Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley

The rustic entry gate already sets the scene for unforgettable wedding photos. As you walk to meet your beloved at the gazebo the trellised vines make the moment just picture perfect. The water from the pond often reflects a dazzling display of the clouds and make for lasting moments as you and your new husband take a quiet moment of reflection.

Wedding location with so much to offer

Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley

Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley

Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley[/caption]This wedding venue has so much to offer in terms of your wedding photos. Have an intimate moment under the tree giants. Take a stroll through the vineyards. As the sun starts to say good bye, and the last rays brush past the leaves take your husband’s hand and walk towards a bright future together.

Let your wedding photographer capture your whole day!

Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley

Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley

Let your wedding photographer in on your serious dance moves as you join your wedding reception party. Be sure to use the romance of the interior to full capacity and get photos that will transport you to a time gone by, as the charm and romance of Italy is conjured up in the wedding reception venue.

Sittella Winery has award winning wines that they will be able to combine with any menu you choose. Their function co-ordinating team is ready to assist you in planning a picture perfect wedding.

They also have special offers for bridal parties from Tuesdays to Thursdays and during June to August.

Contact Studio 777

Contact Studio 777 for pricing information on our wedding packages. We have had wonderful experiences at Sittella Winery during the weddings we were commissioned to do, and really want to help you make your wedding unforgettable. We can assist you with a wedding team to assist you on your wedding day. Our wedding photographer, wedding videographer as well as our Photo booth team have the experience to assist you in making your wedding at Sittella Winery a memorable one.

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