Sports Photography in Perth

Today was another fun-filled day taking some action-packed sports photos!  We can cover your corporate sporting event with out of this world photography.  We have skilled photographers in Perth, available to travel interstate and internationally.

We had such an enjoyable day photographing a good friend of our’s playing around with his Yamaha jetski.  Saw some great piloting and steering skills.  Got some stunning action photos of water spray and dipping of the bike under water.  We would like to shoot a series of action sports and upload to our site.  Despite losing my sunnies when I was thrown from the bike, it was all worth it (my own fault).  Going to be stiff tomorrow.  Great fun and exercise!

Sport Photographer Perth :  Studio 777 Photography & Video Productions

Sport Video Perth :  Studio 777 Photography and Video Productions

Camera :  Canon 1D Mark IV

Lens :  70 – 200 mm F4 L-Series Lens

Flash :  None – Natural light

TV (Speed) :  Mostly 500 +

AV (Depth of field) :  Always changing due to speed and movement

Servo Mode :  Used on last series of images.  Tracking is unbelievably fast and accurately sharp sport photos.

Video Mode :  Tried it.  Need a tripod.  Hand held is ok but with the weight of the lens you cannot keep the camera still.  Quality looks great but needs to be on tripod.

I would recommend the Canon 1D MARK IV for any serious photographer in need of speed, accuracy, sharp and clear photos.  The camera can be used for wildlife photography , sport photography and wedding photography.

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