Why hire a Professional Wedding Photographer or Wedding Videographer?

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Why hire a Professional Wedding Photographer or Wedding Videographer?

There is absolutely no doubt that brides and grooms want perfection for their wedding.  Planning will sometimes takes years to complete…  Thousands of dollars spent on that special bottle of wine or hiring 2 limos …  BUT when it comes to the wedding photographs or wedding video, the bridal couples sometimes try and cut corners.

I’m always amazed that people would want the VERY BEST in Photographers, but sometimes would settle for a “LOW BUDGET” shooter.  Have you ever asked yourself why that person is shooting in that market?

We invest heavily in our equipment, training staff and regularly updating our equipment to keep up with the most up-to-date equipment.  NO, you are not paying for our equipment.  We are able to shoot in most conditions, BUT we love to have that added security of just being able to shoot where others cannot.

Keep in mind that these wedding photographs and wedding videos will become a permanent reminder of your special day, and something that you will want to share with guests, and perhaps one day, your own children.  These wedding photographs and wedding video have to capture not only the ceremony, but also unscripted moments that will really personalize the day.  This is where a Professional Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer is worth his or her weight in gold.

This is our job.  We are not just good at it, we are amazing.  You can entrust one of the most precious days of your lives into our hands (and clicking and recording fingers) at Studio 777 Photography and Video Productions.

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