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You spoil yourself at times by going out to a really nice lunch or dinner, going away for a holiday weekend or just going to the beauty salon for a personal treat like a massage, but have you ever thought of spoiling yourself by getting all dressed up and putting on your favourite outfit, then taking yourself off to get professional photos taken by a Professional Photographer in Perth in either a studio environment, or some Professional Photographers will more than willingly go to a place that you find relaxing and soothing like the ocean or a place that has a lovely forest like atmosphere, most Professional Photographers that offer this extra option normally have a few lovely places they have found that include these backgrounds, so not only will you be getting beautiful top quality professional pictures of yourself, you are also being able to include something within the pictures that you love and the added benefit of this type of spoiling, is that you will always have these photographs to treasure and to be able to pass down to your family as time moves on for them to be able to treasure! This is the kind of beautiful gift you can give to yourself that just keeps on giving!


Why stop at just spoiling yourself though, take your partner and if you have children, whether they are still little or all grown up, what a beautiful reason to get all dressed up and create a memory to be able to cherish for always. There are so many different photo opportunities that are possible, you could do ones with yourself, with your family, with your best friends and another treasurable moment is definitely professional photographs that consist of 3 generations, like your mum & dad, yourself and your children, as with all the other possibilities available these too can be broken down into ones that include daughter(s), mother and grandmother or son(s), father and grandfather, the list of ways within photographs can be taken and possibilities are in abundance!


There are so many beautiful memories to create and the beauty of this is that it all doesn’t have to be done in one photo session only, you can spoil yourself and your loved ones on different occasions, to make it an even more personal and intimate occasion for yourself and the loved ones you are choosing to share that moment with at that time, for example, what an awesome mother and daughter experience!


One of the other best things about this kind of spoiling is that all you have to do is bring yourselves (unless there is a particular item you would like to be included in your photograph) and allow the creativity and imagination of your Professional Photographer to create original and innovative ways to capture these precious memories for you and by having a true master of their craft who knows how to use the light and surroundings around you to create a breathtaking and beautiful picturesque moment, you will definitely be very glad this was one way in which you chose to spoil yourself! Just imagine having the sun setting behind as one of your many backdrops and with the crisp and clearness that their top of the range cameras provide and the magic they are able to work by applying any final touches they choose to add during editing, you can be assured that the final product that will be given to you will be nothing short of stunning and a masterpiece within its own right, one you and your loved ones will be able to proudly display for always!


At ‘Studio 777 – Photography and Video Productions’ it is our pleasure to be able to create a place where you can remove yourself from the everyday and emerge yourself within, allowing you to be truly in that moment only and create for you treasurable memories within the brilliance of photography for you to proudly display within your home!


So please contact one of our friendly staff to arrange a meeting in person with one of our Professional Photographers, this will not only give you the opportunity to make sure they are someone you can feel comfortable and relaxed around, which is a very important aspect, you would also be able to look through their portfolio and see the magic they are able to create through their photography. Go ahead and spoil yourself … you’re worth it!


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